As the bright Spring-time skies start to shine, a fresh re-lift of our closets will make morning routines much easier. Start the season with these helpful tips to stay organized:

1. Ask yourself: If I were out shopping for new clothing/accessories right now, is this something I would buy? If the answer is no, put it in the donate pile. Clearing everything out of your closet and sorting through will allow you to take inventory on what your closet needs are.  The key is having a couple pieces of your favourite things, versus many things you haven’t worn in years. Once you go through it all you will know when you really need something new!

2. Using closet systems that fit the space best are key. Drawers and shelves help organize clothing and accessories, although in some cases they may take up too much room. Folding clothes in piles of similar items (i.e. jeans) will instantly make a closet look more organized. Clothes that get worn the most often should be at eye level.

3. Learn your best uses. For drawer organization, fold shirts and stack them facing up right to easily see what is there or roll up shirts like when packing, to get the best use of space. Sorting clothes in your closet according to style (i.e. long sleeve shirts) or arranging by colour helps a groggy morning search and your closet will look visually appealing. Use over the door hangers to turn them into a place to organize jewellery or as a way to hide your hamper.