Ontario’s New Standard Lease

New changes for Landlords starting on April 30, 2018, where most private residential rental units – from individual landlords to property management companies – must use a standard lease template for all new leases.

This is being done so:

Landlords and renters understand their rights and responsibilities
To reduce illegal terms in leases and misunderstandings caused by […]

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Spring Cleaning: Top 3 Closet Organization Tips!

As the bright Spring-time skies start to shine, a fresh re-lift of our closets will make morning routines much easier. Start the season with these helpful tips to stay organized:

1. Ask yourself: If I were out shopping for new clothing/accessories right now, is this something I would buy? If the answer is no, put it in […]

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Spotlight On Our City: A Beasley Story

Historically speaking, the neighbourhood of Beasley – which has boundaries at the CNR tracks to the north, James Street to the west, Main Street to the south and Wellington Street to the east – has had a troubled past. While it is one of the original 4 neighbourhoods of Hamilton, and is steeped in industrial […]

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